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Pleyades por Alaje

Descripción acerca de Alaje

Es una encarnación consciente de las pleyades, enseña su sabiduria a todo aquel que quiera escucharlo, sus enseñanzas en un núcleo central podrían ser descritas con la oración: "amor es la solución para todo!"
Alaje, conscious incarnation of the pleiades, is teaching his wisdom to everyone who wants to listen. His teachings in a nutshell could be described with the sentence “Love is the solution for everything!”.

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About Alaje from the pleyades: he talk about the earth like a conscious living being who is already going trough a process of transformation in order to move to higher frequencies (love and harmonic frequencies), he doesn´t identify with any religion or goberment system, and alert about this because it has been a source of manipulation and confusion for thousands of years to the humans, he only give us information about how manage our energy and make it more loving or harmonic respecting the free will of each human being, he talk about another beings (extraterrestrial civilizations) who respect the nature, respecting one another, discovering another state of consciousness. The important thing here isn´t "adore" another figure or take away our "responsability", inner power or inner growth, he only talk as an advice, as information for whom want to listen and in some how feel they have somethig to learn about him


"As I already said in my videos, each planet is a school where you learn to be spiritual and in harmony with nature. You learn to take responsibility for what you are doing. As I said already in my videos, If Earth Humans continue to live against the nature with exaggerated consumption, greed for money and power, with use of poisons and atomic energy in the industry and continue to create hate energy and attack us Lightworkers, this transformation will be very unpleasant, because the universe and the planet will have to purify the negative energy, to match with the higher frequencies. If you destroy the nature, you are destroying yourself. All earth humans are responsible, of how the transformation will be.
Only with love energy, the transformation will be smooth and pleasant. As I said already in my videos, the higher developed star nations will not interfere with the education of the earth people. They are telling earth humans for thousands of years how to live in harmony with the existence, without causing disasters. The people in power and the industries of the world must finally stop destroying the earth because of their greed for money and power. Free Energy has been around since the 30's, but the rulers of the earth are blocking it because they would not win any money from it.
Only a loving, spiritual government is a good government. Everything else leads to destruction. Spiritual Extraterrestrials visited all governments in the 50es, and warned them about using the dangerous atomic energy. But the governments did not listen to this advise.
At the moment, there are 438 atomic reactors world wide. 104 in USA ( they are planing 22 more), 55 in Japan, 58 in France, 35 in China ( they are planing 120 more), 32 in Russia ( they are planing 30 more), 20 in Korea, 19 in India, 19 in England, 18 in Kanada, 15 in Ukraine, 17 in Germany, 10 in Sweden, and many more on other countries. You don´t have to be extremely intelligent to know what will happen, if they explode because of the earth shift.
All earth people should be against nuclear reactors and force the governments to remove them. They generate negative energy and the planet Earth will therefore will try to eliminate this disease, with earthquakes and floods.
For thousands of years, earth humans have been warned not to act against nature, but people in the industry and politics don´t listen and create disasters. They are only interested in money and control over the earth population. The Earth people have to wake up now and fight against the slavery and lies of the Earth governments and the secret world government. As I said already in my videos, earth people have to create the energy of spiritual light and love in order to change the consciousness of those in power and stop their evil actions. If not enough spiritual energy is present, the earth humans will act against the rulers by force.
Because the earth humans are destroying the nature and are not using enough love, Planet Earth has started to clean his body from negative energies. He has started to shake and rotate faster and therefore the tectonic plates are set in motion.
All places at the pacific trench, (the pacific ring of fire) should be evacuated now, because there will be earthquakes and volcanic explosions.
Japan is a volcanic island. It is directly on the pacific crack were there the tectonic plates are meeting. The entire island is a dangerous place and should be evacuated. It is a sign of insanity to build 55 atomic reactors on a volcano like Japan.
As I say in my Videos, planet earth is in a process of transformation in order to move in a higher frequency. In order to do this smooth and in harmony, all negative energies have to be cleansed and all earth humans have to concentrate on LOVE and not on any negative energies. As I say in my Videos: LOVE IS THE SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING".

Part 1-Pleiadian Alien Message - spanish sub

Este es el primero de 12 partes en español, 13 en inglés y otros idiomas el resto están en los videos relacioandos de youtube


Pleiadian Alaje Seminar - Denmark Oct.2010- Excerpts

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